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Top healthy foods tips

Posted by on Jun 24, 2016 in Lose weight | Comments Off on Top healthy foods tips

women with vegetables

It is a must to eat healthy foods if you want to preserve your health and avoid getting fat. In the life we are living today, we are surrounded by varieties of low-quality foods, processed foods, and chemically persevered foods. This is witnessed following the frequent commercial advertisement in our TV screens every other day. With this, we are left with a difficult task of choosing the best foods to eat in order to stay healthy.

The following are a tip to be followed to make the best choice of the food you eat for healthier life.

• Make sure to read product labels: when we visit the supermarket, we are most of the times blinded by the attractive look of the box or container and the price on offer. At the back or the side of every box or container in the display, there is label detailing the nutrients contained in that food. Make it a habit to take a quick glance at the label read all the nutrients involved in that particular food and see whether it is exactly what you need to consume. This will give you an idea of what you are about to put in your body. Choose the one with the best ingredients and nutrients especially the ones with low fats and less cholesterol. The first step to a healthier diet is getting informed.

• Do not use canned or frozen foods: If possible train yourself to always get the fresh foods available in the market near you. Fresh foods are rich in nutrients, contain no chemicals and preservations and are less refined. It takes a longer time to prepare fresh foods, the more reason people go for already canned ones. While canned ones are easy to prepare or even ready to eat, thus making your life easier, bear in mind that your overall health is worth that extra preparation time. Cheap is expensive.

• Avoid junk foods: Junk food is not only unhealthy but is rich in fats and cholesterol which your body does not need. These includes fries, burgers, etc. If you must, eat food with fewer fats and cholesterol but it is highly recommended to eat homemade foods at you will be able to control the contents and ingredients involved.

• Drinking it plain: Your drinks are as equally important to your health as what you eat. Make sure you are not taking drinks that are rich in calories or chemicals without knowing it.

A rule says that you drink plain beverages. Water tops the list of recommended beverages followed by tea and freshly squeezed juices.

Avoid chemically processed drinks like sodas, coffee, and energy drinks as they contain artificial sugar or calories which are not good for your health.

For a healthier life, follow the above tips and you will be able to make good choices of the best healthy foods that suit you and your family.

How to stay healthy on a vegetarian diet

There are various types of vegetarians that we have around and depending on the degree of your vegetarian diet restrictions, some vital vitamins and minerals could be missing from your diet. The following are different degrees of a vegetarian diet and how to stay healthy on that diet.

• Semi-vegetarians – This is the type of vegetarians eat white meat only and do not use red meat. I.e. eggs, dairy products, pork, poultry, and fish.

• Presco vegetarians – These are vegetarians who eat fish, eggs and dairy only. They don’t eat any other type of meat.

• Lacto-Ovo vegetarians – These vegetarians eat poultry meat and eggs only. They don’t eat any other kind of meat.

• Lacto vegetarian – These are a vegetarian who only eats daily products such as milk, and they do not any other animal product.

• Ovo vegetarian – These are vegetarians who eat eggs only and no other animal product

• Vegans or extreme vegetarians – These are vegetarians who do not eat any animal products be it eggs, meat, fish or dairy products.

Vegans are the strictest types of vegetarians and as such risk the vitamins and mineral deficiency in their diet since they do not use any animal product. They suffer most from vitamin B-12 deficiency, and this puts them at risk of contracting various diseases mostly nerve damage.
Vegetarians who consume some dairy products are safe from vitamin D deficiency. Lack of this vital vitamin causes cricket in children and osteoporosis in adults.

Iron deficiency causes diseases such as anemia. Vegetarians cannot get sufficient iron from fibers only as it has some difficulties being absorbed into the bloodstream. They are then required to eat a lot of beans, legumes, take whole grain and take iron supplements to get enough for their body functions.
The following are ways in which vegetarians can incorporate in their diet to obtain or supplement their diet so as to stay healthy.

• By taking multivitamins daily to supplement vitamins and minerals that are difficult to get from plants only.

• They should eat a lot of calcium-rich foods e.g. nuts, broccoli, and legumes to give them enough calcium.

• They should eat a lot of cereals and soy products as well take vitamin B12 supplements.

• They should bask a lot in the sun to get vitamin D; you can also take margarine to boost the source.

• They should take a lot of fruits and vegetables as a source of iron in their diet.

When you differentiate the type of a vegetarian that you are, it will be very easy t follow the best diet that suits you. The above points will help in that determination. Staying healthy in a vegetarian diet is very easy if you incorporate the best techniques.

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Supplements for weight loss

Posted by on Jun 24, 2016 in Lose weight, Supplements | Comments Off on Supplements for weight loss

People are striving to become healthier nowadays and more so with the emergence of weight loss pills and diet supplements in the market.

But before you take some kinda pills, please try out this workout program. Watch the Playlist below:

Most products are obtainable from health stores near you and others can be obtained from online shops. An herbal option has become very popular with everybody wanting to experience the magic of losing weight within the shortest time possible as promised. Herbal products are believed to contain natural and indigenous products with a pledge to make one lose weight without any side effects.

These supplements affect weight loss in various ways. Before selecting one, there is a need to be aware of the blend they are made of to enable you to choose the best that suits your needs.

The following are the best weight loss supplements that are recommended for use in place of the tedious exercises and which gives better results equally as fast.

• Appetite suppressants.
The help in controlling your appetite for unnecessary foods with a lot of calories as well as controls how you feed to avoid overeating. They contain appetite-regulating hormones and chemicals ingredients that reduce your appetite every time you see what you are not required to eat at that point. Once the supplements are consumed the extra serotonin in the brain sends a sense of wellness that makes you feel fuller than usual even just after having a small meal.

• Fat blockers
These reduce the amount of fat absorption in the body by decreasing the lipase enzyme operation. The fats in the food are broken down by lipase as it goes through the intestines. This reduces the formation of fats in the intestines and reduces cholesterol. The aftermath leaves you feeling active since body systems are running faster without fat building around your tummy.

• Fat burners
This reduces the amount of fat in your body. It works well when your metabolic system is at its optimal speed. Thermogenic fat burners quicken metabolism by increasing body temperatures which in turn burns fats to get rid of excesses. This helps in reducing the blood pressure by increasing smooth flow of blood.

• Diuretics
These are also referred to as water pills. It makes you lose a lot of water. However, there is no amount of weight loss witnessed since fats are not burned. Diuretics may cause dehydration and may cause loss of potassium. If you prefer this type of use this kind of supplement, do so sparingly without expecting significant changes. A lot of water intake is recommended.

The above are some of the millions of supplements available in the market today. There are millions to choose from, however, apart from using supplements for weight loss, a healthy diet and exercise should be the main items on your agenda for faster and effective weight loss without side effects.

One product I really can recommend is the one from Simple Smart Science; it’s called Mind Boost Day / Night. (It helps you to do all the stuff above and even more. For me, it improved my memory, focus and sleep. Just a tip 🙂 This site talks a little more in depth about it:

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Why are My Muscles Sore after a Workout?

Posted by on Jun 24, 2016 in Fitness | Comments Off on Why are My Muscles Sore after a Workout?

This is a question that is mostly asked by new trainees who may not have known what to expect after or during a workout. The first time an individual gets into an exercise program whether in the gym or at home, they will usually experience considerable pain all over their body. Pain will usually concentrate more on the muscles that did most of the workout. This pain is usually caused by sore muscles. A sore muscle is a muscle which has been damaged. The loss is due to the muscle cells and fibers, making it to either stiffen or become painful.

Causes of Sore Muscles after a Workout.
The following are the causes of sore muscles after a workout.

• To the new trainees who have never exercised before, will usually experience this conditions. This is because, their muscles are used to being at a calm, relaxed position but have now been exposed to exercise thereby stretching them.

• To the big boys in the game, they may get sore muscles when they present their muscles beyond normal workout regarding physical activity or when they carry heavier weights than they are used to. This exposure to more stress than the regular ones also cause sore muscle.

• Engaging in muscle training for a longer time than the daily time also causes the muscles to be damaged and may end up sore. This is automatic to newbies, and it also happens to the regular trainees when they extend the training time beyond the usual agreed upon time.

• Another cause of sore muscles is when there is a change in the routine and the type of exercise. One may be used to a particular kind of routine, and then they decide to try a new type in another time. For example, if one is used to the treadmill and then they decide to add weight lifting, they will experience sore muscles.

How to Prevent Sore Muscles after a workout

• One should ensure that when trying out a new training program, they should gradually introduce the new concept until the body is used to it. They should be gentle to their muscles.

• Try to warm up exercises before the real training is done.

• Before a new workout program, one can invest in a massage of the muscles. This relaxes them before the workout

How to treat Muscle Sores after a workout

It should be noted that this condition does not require medical attention from the doctor unless the pain is consistent. The following simple remedies always used to treat the condition.

• Applying ice perks to numb the area
• Massage
• Taking aspirin which is an anti-inflammatory
• Using acupressure to the affected part.

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Smart Ways of Getting Ripped Fast

Posted by on Apr 13, 2016 in Lose weight | Comments Off on Smart Ways of Getting Ripped Fast

You really cannot wait to acquire that enviable ‘six pack’. It looks so great on celebrities that adorn most of our magazines.  By looking at your body mass, you may think that your quest is just another unreachable dream. However, it is possible to achieve that body look, which it is often thought as a preserve of fitness models.  You may have various reasons why you want to build muscles and loss water weight. It may be that you want to attend a certain pageant or any other occasion and you want to make a statement. When time is not on your side, you may wonder how to get ripped fast.

Keep your water bottle as close as possible

This seems obvious but it is important, to emphasize.  Water has vital roles in the body, which we all know. They include cleaning of the kidneys and the digestive system as well as hydrating the brain and body. This results into an effective metabolism. Water is also known to give your skin a lovely glow. Besides, when you take more water the rate of excretion increases, leading to reduced water retention. As experts recommend, ensure to take about 1 to 2 gallons of water daily. At the same time, take multivitamin supplement. Water can answer your question of how to get ripped fast.

Encourage sweating

You may hate the odor of sweat or when the salty liquid drips from your body. It is a vital function of the body. The body uses sweat to regulate the body temperature.  Sweating also indicates that your metabolism, is working efficiently. When experts talk of water retention, they do not refer to water but sodium ions, which are stored under the skin. This is the main reason; your sweat has a salty taste. The sauna is one of the best places to sweat out the sodium ions. Anytime you are in a sauna you should make sure, you have a water bottle with you. If you cannot afford to go to the sauna, you can make your steam bath at home.

Cut your salt intake

You might be wondering how reducing salt intake and how to get ripped fast, are related. Eating foods such as potato chips and French fries, which are laden with high levels of sodium, causes you to retain water. The body requires about 2000 to 2500mg of sodium daily, to drive its various metabolic functions.  Maintain an average sodium intake and in its place use spices such as ginger, garlic, fresh vegetables, chives, black pepper, cilantro and hot sauce among others.

Increase fiber in your diet

If you truly want definite muscles, you must increase your fiber intake .just as water that washes the kidneys and the urinary tract, fiber clears the intestinal tract or colon. This ensures that the digested materials flow smoothly within the tract and helping in the removal of excess fluid.  You can either take Psyllium Husk, which is a proven source of fiber.  However, ensure to include fresh vegetables in all your meals. Fresh fruits are also a good source of fiber and they accord other health benefits. Now that you know how to get ripped fast, use the above top ways to get your ‘six pack’ fast.

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10 Tips For Following A Vegetarian Diet

Posted by on Apr 11, 2016 in Lose weight | Comments Off on 10 Tips For Following A Vegetarian Diet

It is possible for a vegetarian to meet all the nutritional needs.  All you need is to eat varieties of foods which are covered by all nutrients.

The following are the best tips that you need to know in order to follow a healthy vegetarian diet.

1.       Incorporate proteins in your diet: Proteins can be obtained from beans, nuts, rice, lentils, legumes and soy products.  Avoid using cheese as a protein supplement as it contains a lot of fat.

2.       Think calcium: Mineral calcium maintains healthy teeth and bones.  It also maintains overall heath. It can be obtained from dairy products, fortified cereals and juices and dark green leafy vegetables.  It is recommended to eat foods rich in calcium everyday in order to meet the needs.

3.       Choose the best fruits and vegetables:  Eat whole fruits and vegetables.  They have high fiber content and low calories.  They are important in preventing heart diseases and stroke, manage high blood pressure and reduce cholesterol. They maintain a healthy digestive system.

4.       Use what is in season: Fruits and vegetables in season reserves flavor and freshness. Each season brings something unique. And this is good in boosting your health and wellness.

5.       Choose whole grains: Whole grain contains endosperm, germ and bran.  They are rich in fiber and contain antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.  Eating whole grain reduces heart diseases, diabetes and obesity.

6.       Add zinc, B12 and iron in your diet: Iron deficiency makes you feel tired as it carries oxygen into blood. Source of iron is kidneys, beans and cereals. Zink maintains immunity it is obtained from beans, milk and pumpkinseeds. Vitamin B12 is obtained from eggs, cereals and vegetables.

7.       Eat foods rich in fiber: Fiber controls hunger, maintains digestive health and lowers cholesterol. It contains no calories and does not absorb in the blood.  It is obtained from bread, skins from apple, tomatoes etc.

8.       Supplement your body with vitamin B2: these aids in growth and in the production of red blood cells.  Vitamin B is not stored in our bodies since it is not soluble. Sources include eggs, dark leafy vegetables and nuts.

9.       Eat Omega 3 rich foods: Omega 3 is fatty acid supplement. It is required to fight heart diseases as well boost brain functioning.  It is obtained from fish and eggs.

10.   Add Iodine: Iodine is a requirement for the healthy regulation of cell metabolism and function of thyroid system.  It is obtained from salt, sweet potatoes and soybeans.

The above tips are helpful in our journey to staying healthy in a vegetarian diet.  The some but still you can get much more by visiting our local physician for assistance of use Google to find nutrition specialists who are there and willing to help you in any situation.





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7 Fitness Tips

Posted by on Apr 11, 2016 in Fitness | Comments Off on 7 Fitness Tips

There comes a time when you want to make major make major changes in lives.  This includes efforts to quit smoking, wanting to learn something new, or joining a certain class to upgrade yourself and many others.  No matter what, you have vowed to improve yourself in one way or another.  However, improving on your body fitness is one of the most important resolutions to make in order to maintain a healthy life. 

For you to really make a change there is a need of setting yourself up for long term success. You can be in for a big failure if think you can just wake up and decide all of a sudden you have become e a fitness enthusiast.

Below are 7 fitness tips to help you to keep fit and healthy.

1.       Walking and talking: It is believed that walking is the best exercise.  Waking up to walk and talk is a great way of kick starting your day.  Visit some friends and have fun walking and talking to them. This is a great workout for the day.

2.       Do the biking: This is a low impact form of exercise.  Use your bike to run errands as opposed to driving and you will end up burning some calories while cycling.

3.       Organize for a picnic: Plan a picnic and pack healthy foods. Pack a football and other playing items.  Toss around the ball, hit and run after it and you will end up burning a lot of calories which this will keep you fit in the long run.

4.       Do an outdoor activity:  Have an outdoor project around the house. Start a small garden, or build a deck.  Working in your small garden involves some bending and standing in moderation and this is a form of exercise which is aimed at keeping you fit.

5.       Find a partner to workout with: Having a partner will keep you motivated.  It is hard to work out alone but if you are two, you can motivate each other and be committed to a routine. Look for something interesting that both of you can look forward to trying out, it is not obly fun but a form of fitness too.

6.       Take a fitness holiday:  Most people take vacations just to relax and eat.  In this case, take a fitness vacation purely for work outs and fitness purposes only.  At the beach walk for three to five miles in the morning and the same in the evening, go hiking, swimming and play tennis.  Make yourself busy everyday on a fitness vacation.

7.       Consult with your personal trainer:  Contact you personal trainer for advice and guidance.  Let him/her provide you with a plan for your workout routine and follow it to the book. This should include the time and the diet required during the fitness exercises.

The above fitness tips are recommended if you want to lose weight.  Incorporate better eating habits too.


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Gain Weight Fast with These 5 Steps

Posted by on Apr 11, 2016 in Lose weight | Comments Off on Gain Weight Fast with These 5 Steps

green glas

Are you underweight?  Your friends and family may be envying you.  Even after invading a few cheeseburgers, fries and the like, you hardly show some improvement in weight. Most people are doing everything in their might to lose weight. It is funny how the world works.  The decision to gain or lose weight is taken by people, who want to earn confidence or stay healthy.  Do not hesitate to gain weight.  There are health risks, associated with skinny people.  The main problem that faces most underweight persons is a weak immune system. To prevent this and other health conditions linked to lower body mass index people, learn how to gain weight fast.

If you are sick and tired of people telling you how to gain weight, without success, be sure to follow the following steps and within a month, you should start seeing results.

Double your portions

This is the first thing you must do, to gain weight fast.  Double your eating portions. For instance, if you only take one chicken breast go for two and where you only take two slices of bread eat at least four.  The same goes to your snacks such as nuts.  You can also double up your supplements. Hence, if you only took two spoonfuls of protein powder, let it be four instead. In most cases, your lack of body mass may be because you are restraining your food portions, very much.

Lay out an eating plan

For the best results, it is important that you eat after each 2 to 3 hours. How do you implement this? It is very simple. Set your wall clock to alert after two and a half hours. This way, you will hardly miss any of your daily meals.  Your first meal should come within 15 to 30 minutes, when you come out of bed. Although it is often ignored, your breakfast should contain real balanced food. This is to furnish your body with nutrients, for the rest of the day. To ensure that you have the ingredients and the groceries, when you need time, take time to prepare a list of your kitchen supplies. Remember also to plan your meals.

Use a larger plate

You cannot wait to gain weight fast, if you still have your minute chinaware plate. Find a larger plate and make sure to complete your meals.  The bottom line is that you must eat to gain weight; there is no going round about it.

Eat before workout

Remember you are trying to gain weight fast. Hence, working out when you have not eaten, may lead to muscle breakdown, which is not your goal.  It is recommendable to take about three meals, before workout. Nevertheless, if you train in the morning, you can take a large meal right after training. You must avoid at all costs to train on an empty stomach.

Eat foods rich in calories

While weight watchers strive to cut on the calories, it is a different case when it comes to skinny people. They are encouraged to eat more calories, to gain weight. A high calorie meal should contain carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, fiber and mineral.

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