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Posted by on Dec 3, 2015 in Lose weight | Comments Off on Supplements

Dietary supplements and nutritional supplements are products that can help, assist new-food-supplement-helps-suppress-appetite-and-prevent-weight-gainor enhance the natural function
of the body.  Dietary supplements are defined as “products which are intended for supplementation of food consumed and containing one or more specific parts: vitamins, minerals, herbal compounds, amino acids, dietary substances that have beneficial results on food intake, concentrates, metabolites,  ingredients, extracts or a combination of these components.” Dietary supplements fall into a class of food, so they are not drugs, on them, there can not be statements that say that a dietary supplement is used for diagnosis, treatment, prevention of any disease or condition.

As a precondition for maintaining good health is proper and varied diet, it was found that the insertion of appropriate nutrients may prevent the occurrence of many diseases. Proper diet can meet all the needs of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. However, the accelerated pace of life in the modern world is forced most people to eat food incorrectly. In this way, the body is left without the important vitamins and minerals, which are essential for health.
Today, supplements are very popular among athletes, believing that their intake may enhance their speed, give them Supplement_Post
strength, increase muscle mass or provide additional energy. In many countries, they are easily accessible via various outlets for the sale of supplements. The question is how much do we really know about them and whether they are really needed.

We believe that every athlete who wants to use any of the supplements must know the regulations on supplements in the country where he was and check the suppliers from whom they purchased the supplements.

Nutrition is based on a large amount of protein, low-carbohydrate became an obsession of people who want to weaken. This craze is quite understandable when we know that protein is an important component of every cell in our body and that the body uses to produce enzymes, hormones and other substances.

Boys in their teens and active men can get all the protein they need from three daily servings with a total of 200 grams. Older children, teenagers, especially active women and most men should take a daily two portions with a total of 170 grams.protein-supplements

Consumption of protein leads to a greater presence of acid, and that they would be neutralized, the body needs calcium in the bloodstream reserves. And excessive calcium loss could cause osteoporosis.

If you are not an active athlete, I hope at least you practice regularly a physical activity. If not, activate it, because health is priceless. There are no excuses when it comes to your health! Today’s lifestyle is very stressful, we often do not have time to feed as we should, not to mention the bad habits such as smoking, alcohol and eating one meal a day.

In addition, the quality of many foods such as fruits and vegetables is not the same as it was fifty years ago.

If you are relatively stable and in good health, and eat variety, which includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, dairy products with low fat, meat and fish, you probably have no need for industrial additives.healthy-food-stocks

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