Bail Bondsmen And The Matter Of Guns


Do rest assured that this is no longer the wild, wild west. And do let the law take its course. In the place of gun-toting and trigger happy ‘law abiding citizens’ and vigilantes come your different law enforcement agency officers, ranging from the county and city representative to the local town sheriff, and going as far as the state marshal who has arresting powers that go beyond borders, much in the same way that FBI agents’ powers of jurisdiction stretch.

Indeed, the US Marshall’s office may well be receiving written or telephonic notices from bail officers on matters arising. These may well have something to do with those transgressors who habitually jump bail in spite of the leniency extended to them by both bail bond companies like Acme Bail Bonds and the courts of law. It is unfortunate that it is against these characterizations that Sacramento Bail Bonds officers may have no alternative but to defend themselves when making the proverbial house calls, something that they are legally allowed or bound to do, up to a certain point of course.

The US Marshall’s office is usually hauled in when transgressors of the terms and conditions of their bail applications jump across the state lines. Once those state lines are crossed, local law enforcement agents lose the chase if you will and are no longer in a position to make the necessary arrests. So too bail bondsmen and women. They have no legal authority to make the so-called house calls even if the transgressors’ places of residence are known.

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Of course, it goes without saying that fellow officers of the law across the board within the opposite state’s lines of demarcation could make arrests on behalf of those who lost their pursuit.