Controlling Infestation of Mosquito in Your Backyard


Mosquitoes are undeniably bothersome. Not only is the sound of mosquito buzzing a nuisance, but mosquito bites are, in fact, dangerous. Moreover, mosquito infestations make outdoor activities and backyard picnics intolerable. You should contact a mosquito control company in Monticello to reclaim your backyard since spending time with your family in your backyard is necessary. 

The reason why mosquito infestations are widespread

The United States alone has over 150 species of mosquitoes, and they all need are surfaces with standing water to reproduce. This is because larvae that come out of mosquito eggs feed on plankton in stagnant water. The following things are prime spots of stagnant water in a backyard.

●    Pet dishes

●    Platers

●    Fishponds

mosquito control company in Monticello

●    Drainage ditches

Not letting still water to settle in your backyard is the first defense against mosquitoes. By doing so, you remove places for female mosquitoes to lay eggs in. This reduces further mosquito growth in your vicinity.

Mosquito solutions for the long-run

Long-term mosquito solutions cost more than manual stagnant water prevention. They are, however, worth every dime of reclaiming your house as well as backyard. Given below are some long-term mosquito prevention solutions.

●    Mosquito traps – Mosquito traps release a steady heat stream that is infused with moisture and carbon dioxide. These elements lure mosquitoes into the trap. Once inside, the mosquitoes are instantaneously killed through electric currents. Only a month’s use breaks the mosquito breeding cycle.

●    Larval control – Larval control is done through disks that hold natural insecticide acting bacteria. They will kill all the larvae inside mosquito eggs, and therefore, should be put in places that are likely to collect still water. Using these disks will prevent the growth of larvae in your house.


To ensure your family’s well-being, you need to get rid of mosquitoes. You could either manually remove stagnant water from your house or get long-term solutions to do the same.