Top Jobs You May Wish To Enlist The Skills Of A Carpenter For


There are a lot of different tasks and jobs that we can do ourselves.  This is why there is a huge spike in the DYI space.  Most people are going out there and learning how to reuse items that they have around their homes and finding innovative ways to save money.  With this new influx of people there are many different jobs we still need skilled workers for.  For some, carpentry services in portland, or are exploding with people looking for new projects around their homes.  Here are a few of the most popular jobs that people are looking to do.

Crown molding

In most of our homes we have some bare walls.  True we will hang photos and shelves, but the walls just don’t look finished.  This is why many people are now looking to add crown molding and even chair rail to their walls.  When we add these items to our walls, they help complete the look of the room and give it more character.  To do this, hiring a carpenter is a great way to ensure that all the seams line up.

Decks and patios

Many of us are experiencing shut in syndrome over everything that is going on in the world.  To help social distance and enjoy our homes we are looking to add decks and patios to our homes.  When adding a deck or patio to our homes we have a space where we can be social with friends and family as well as social distance.  We can also improve the overall value of our homes by adding on this extra square footage of usable space.

Fixing creaks, cracks and squeaks

carpentry services in portland, or

One of the greatest jobs for a carpenter is to have them come in when you have a squeaky floor or something that is uneven.  They can come in using their tools and do slight adjustments to make these noises go away and help prevent these small issues from becoming major repairs.